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If you have an enquiry regarding computer repairs or maintenance, anti-virus, web hosting or any other computer problem, you can phone us on 0416 256 824, or send an email to

Weekend work is by appointment only.

The wand never wavers, or dims.

The Blue Wizards:

Carl (Technomage of The Blue Wizard) has had over twenty-five years experience in the computer and IT industry, and has worked for some of Australia's leading IT consultancies and companies. He began his computer career as a computer hardware technician, but quickly graduated into software programming, database work and high-end IT consultancy.

In his time Carl has worked as Technical Manager for the large Australian data conversion and anti-virus company Doctor Disk, for the Website Authoring and Electronic Publishing group Documenta, and more recently, as lead Software Engineer and Forensic Analyst at the Sydney-based professional Data Recovery Experts Forensic Data Services.

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