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More than ninety percent of the computers we serviced in the last twelve months had active viruses running on them, causing all sorts of weird and "wonderful" problems for their owners.

We even isolated and identified ten viruses not previously recognised by the major anti-virus companies.

The Blue Wizard can and does attend to all virus-related problems swiftly and capably, both of which attributes are needed by anyone whose machine is so affected.

We use and recommend ESET Anti-Virus which we consider superior to all others, and can provide this software to both private individuals and businesses, as well as assistance with its installation and operation.

There are a few simple steps that you can take to reduce the risk of exposure to viruses, worms and trojans:

You should also become familiar with the correct operation of both the anti-virus software and the firewall.

Anti-virus software should be updated at least once a week, but if your anti-virus software can perform automated updates via the Internet then it is probably best to update at least once a day. Your connection speed, the number of emails you receive a day, and the amount of time you spend connected to the Internet should also be taken into account when determining how often to perform the update.

The correct configuration and use of a firewall can greatly reduce the risk of having your computer infected or hacked. However, a proper understanding of how a firewall operates and the messages it produces are essential for the long term security of your computer. In many instances The Blue Wizard has seen firewalls so poorly configured that they were providing no protection at all!

Content created: 09 May 2004
Content updated: 05 Mar 2009