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The instructions on this page apply to testing Memory (RAM).

Symptoms (Back To Top)

The following is a list of symptoms that relate to problems with your computer's Memory (RAM):

Tests (Back To Top)

Using Memtest86 (Back To Top)

Memtest86 is free download available from

All support is provided by this web site.

Remedies (Back To Top)

CAUTION: Before attempting any of the following remedies you MUST disconnect your computer from its power source. If your computer is "Mains Powered" you MUST un-plug it from the power socket or power adapter. Additionally, if your computer can be "Battery Powered" then the battery MUST be removed. Failure to disconnect your computer from its power source may result in permanent damage!

  1. Re-seat RAM
    • Remove all RAM modules;
    • Repeat the following process for each available RAM module:
      • Re-install a single RAM module;
      • Re-boot computer and run Memtest86;
        If the memory test fails in any fashion, you should:
        • Move the RAM module to another memory slot
        • Repeat this process for each available memory slot
      • If you have not had success with Memtest86 then the current RAM module is probably faulty and should be replaced.
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